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Some ideas

Post  Yaoming36 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 1:25 pm

Here is some ideas I had. There're kinda long and just a basic template.

When a player is making an account, they have the option of choosing a RACE/CLASS. Ok the whole point of the race/class system is to make each individual player unique with each race/class having its distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some ideas of races/classes:


This is just a template of examples that I am using. Like I said before each class would get advantages/disadvantages.

Take the humans for example. Perhaps they could get an extra 5% experience while crafting or doing construction (if your game has those skills). So say crafting something gives a normal person 100 exp, humans would get 105 exp for crafting that same thing. Etc, you get the idea. Or humans could be the basic 100% for all skills while the others will help to specialize.

Another example: Say Trolls, they are good at fishing, therefore they get 7% extra exp while fishing, so instead of normal 100 exp per fish, they get 107. However since they rarely cook their food, they'd only get 95% of normal cooking exp. So if cooking a fish gives 100exp, they'd only get 95.

Another idea is anti crowding and crowding. Say elves are "beautiful" mythical creatures. So, therefore each person would add an extra 3 seconds to an elven person's timer to a maximum of 10 people, then normal (normal crowding rate = 2 seconds/person) crowding rates till 20. Example: Say an elven person is mining, base timer is 50 seconds, and there are 13 people working alongside him/her. The timer for the miner would be 50 + (10*3) + (3*2) = 86 seconds.

On the other hand we have the Undead (ugly/scary) so for them each person would add 1 second upto 10 people. So again picture a Undead mining with a base timer of 50 seconds with 23 other player alongside him/her. The timer would be 50 seconds + (10*1)seconds + (10*2) seconds + (3*0) seconds = 80 seconds timer.

Another idea: Elves , they could get an extra 5% exp while walking while training Speed (I think agility would be a better name for this skill as a) every other game calls it speed and b) if it affects your combat timer)

And speaking of combat timer I think it should be somewhat between movoda and syrnia timer. The combat timer would have two timers (like movoda) one for you and one for the monster. Since some of the classes attack for afar, I think (if possible?) a monster would start with a 15 second timer ( because you're attacking from afar and it takes time for the monster to come close to you ) and then if you haven't killed it in the 15 seconds, it'd have a 5 second timer.

So the monsters' timer would be 15, 5, 5, 5 etc until dead and that how often it'd hit you. If you were a meele combatter (such as Troll, human or undead) it'd just constant 5, 5, 5, 5 etc until dead.

Now for your combat (how often you hit) I think the combat timer should be something like this:
Combat timer = (Weapon attack rate - [(Speed/Agility level / 10) rounded down])
With minimum combat timer being 3 seconds.

So here are some ideas:
[Close combat physical weapons]
Two Handed Axes - 15 seconds
Two Handed Sword - 13 seconds
One Handed Axe - 12 seconds
One Handed Sword - 10 seconds
Clubs - 13 seconds

[Long range physical weapon]
Bow - 13 seconds
Slingshot - 11 seconds
Throwing Knives - 9 seconds (does very low damage output compared to the other two)

[Long range magical weapons]
Wands - 14 seconds
Staves - 12 seconds
Magical Whips - 10 seconds

Ok say a elven person is attacking a Bear with a sling shot and his Speed level (or agility level) is 43.
So he would attack every 7 seconds
11 seconds(slingshot attack rate) - (43/10 ~ 4) = 7 seconds
The bears' hit would be 15 seconds, 5 seconds 5 seconds etc (until dead) Different monsters could have different attack speed.

Again just some ideas. Another proposal I have is have different abilities for each class for combat as well as different weapons. Reason for different weapons/armors is because like smiths here, anyone barely uses their stuff, while most just stock up one type only.

So for example, Priests would only be able to wear clothed armor (provides low physical defence, but high magic defence) starting from level 1 combat all the way to 50, then at 50 they can wear leather armor (provides medium physical defence, and medium magical defence).

They can continue to wear cloth armor past 50, it'd give more magical defence than the leather armor, but lower physical defence.

So here is how I think armor should be made.
Metal armor made by the smithing skill(duh! )
Leather armor made by crafting skill
Cloth armor made by the tailoring skill

As for weapons, I think:

Humans/Undead can use either Dual Axes, Dual Swords, Single Swords(2h), Single Axes(2h) ( all made by smithers)

Pyromancers/Priests I think they can use wands/staves which are made by crafters. I think maybe they can also use magical whips which are made by crafters and tailorers.

Trolls use clubs made from wood ( perhaps at higher level you an imbue metal spikes in them to make them more powerful). Made by crafters, perhaps higher level requires help from smiths.

Elves use ranged combat (duh) so they can only use bows (made by crafters), slingshots (again made by crafters with some help for the pouch made by the tailorers) and throwing knives (made by smiths)

And last we have the bards, I think they can only use Harps. The skeleteon of the harp made by smiths, while the strings made by tailorers.

Just a little note, I assume combatters will be able to use abilities in combat like in Amaranthine. I suppose races do not have to use their weapons all the time. For example an elven person could fight with a sword BUT he/she will not be use any of the abilities.

I don't know if you'll do this.. but I think if each class have abilities in combat, it'd make the game even more unique.
Example: Trolls have physical attacks, while the priest has a heal.

Ok here is what I was thinking of the skill list:

-Cooking (ok this skill is very useful skill but don't want it like in amar where you need 30 cooking and you can basically cook all the -time foods. Lower level cooking = make foods that restore energy and/or health. Then at higher level they start making -timer foods, perhaps with 60% success..)

-Fishing (catch fish)

-Mining (mines stuff xD)

-Woodcutting(cut wood. Perhaps also a place such as Jungle of chaos, where you need woodcutting requirement as well as agility requirement to walk there?)

-Tailoring or other name if you can think it. I think I saw sewing somewhere around here. (Makes clothes for magical classes and some tools)

-Agility (this is the speed skill.. every 5 levels in this skill decreases the walking timer by 1 second. Also adds 1 evasion to your normal stats)

-Smithing or Blacksmith (Makes armor/weapon/tools)

-Crafting (Makes weapons,arrowheads, and various other misc items)

-Gathering/Farming (whatever name you wish to choose. Basically anything from shearing sheep to gathering fruits/vegetables to milking cows)

-Magic (basically spells to decrease timer, increase drops, double drops and increases success rate, increase energy regain rate/restores energy. Also spells have individual levels like in movy.. every level adds extra 1 minute.)

-Construction (making of houses/guildstorages?) Or you can just scrap this idea and put it in crafting.

-Combat (this skill has other subset skills such as:

Strength(increase physical attack with meele weapons)
Vitality(increases health points)
Sorcery(increases magic attack with all magic weapons)
Dexterity( increases physical attack with ranged weapons, accuracy, evasion)

Every character level the player receives 5 points to distribute as they wish. They can also reset these stat points. (perhaps $5 donation per reset)

ok using skills in combat requires ENERGY. You start out with basic 100 energy, and it increases every combat level and 10k total exp.
So here's some formulas:

Max energy = 100 + [Combat level*10] + [Total exp/10,000]

Energy regain Formula: (Combat Level/10) Rounded Down every minute. So.. a person with 78 combat would gain 7 energy every minute. Loads of food required xD

Maximum Health: 10 + (Equipment) + Character Level + Combat level + (Vitality*10)

Maximum Mana: 10 + (Equipment) + Character Level + Magic level

Mana regain formula: 1 + (equipment) every 5 minutes.

Spell Length: (base spell length) + magic level + Spell level

Backpack Space: 1000 + (100*Character level) + (2*Strength Points)

Crowding depends on the race as stated in the other mail I sent you Razz

+1% success or -1% burn rate every 5 levels. -Time foods have low success rates (40-60%) while energy regain foods have higher (70-80%)

ok Guilds & Clans

Basically.. here is how it works:
Groups of players = Clans
Groups of clans = Guild

So.. to start a clan, two players would have to talk to an NPC while in the same squad (team feature). A Clan can have maximum of 10 people.

To start a guild, the leaders of two clans have to be in the same squad and talk to NPC.
Guilds can only have max of :

[2 + (guild level/10) rounded down] clans.

Say I am in the PoL clan of the TF guild..
Then in public chat (seen by all) I would have tag :
But in guild chat I would have tag:
Yaoming36 (PoL)

Clans do not actually have a level.. somewhat like here in syrnia. Clans can own shops as much as they'd like, but there'd only be ONE guild Compound. Guild compound would have extensions like in Movy.

Guild level would work something like this:
Basic work exp/50

So someone does an action that gives 100 cooking exp, the guild would gain 2 exp.

I think there is a lot of guild hopping in the various games.. I have a solution to that.. in the guild tab have a exp donated column.

Yaoming36 - 110,235 exp
So if I leave, the guild will lose that exp and may delevel.

Travelers Friends (TF) Level 10 (200,235 exp - 23,125 left)
After person leaves:
Travelers Friends (TF) Level 8 (90,000 exp - 53,924 left)

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Re: Some ideas

Post  ShatterStar on Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:51 pm

Nice work.

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